DuraVision FDS1903-A

The DuraVision FDS1903-A is the successor to the FDS1903. Unlike its predecessor, this new model is fitted with a HDMI port which allows it to receive signals from digital sources such as HDD recorders. The screen also features a composite (BNC) input that facilitates connection to analogueue monitoring devices in video security systems (CCTV systems) and surveillance cameras. The monitor supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM signals and is thus compatible with a wide range of different surveillance devices.

The DuraVision FDS1903-A can receive a Full HD signal (1920 × 1080) via HDMI and reproduce it in its native resolution of 1280 × 1024. Thanks to a variety of set-up options for analogueue and digital signals, users can adjust the image reproduction to the monitor and stretch images or enlarge them while maintaining the aspect ratio.

The screen also features underscan and overscan display functions. Underscan displays 100% of an image, making it perfect for video signals. By contrast, overscan displays about 95% of an image and eliminates insignificant video data that can sometimes be seen on the edge of the monitor.

When viewing a conventional LCD monitor from below, the colours can look washed out. The DuraVision FDS1903-A includes an UpView functionality that minimises this washed-out effect and facilitates sharp reproduction. This means that it is best suited to environments in which the monitor will be mounted above eyelevel.

An integrated three-dimensional Y/C separation circuit separates the brightness signal from the colour information, so that colour flickering and noises that are typical for analogueue signals are reduced reliably.

Other features

  1. Remote control
  2. Integrated 0.5 W to + 0.5 W stereo speakers
  3. Long-term use with two year guarantee


The DuraVision FDS1903-A is available now. Availability may vary depending on the country. In-depth information is available from EIZO Group companies and distribution partners in your country.

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