ColorEdge Ambassadors

Wildlife photographers like Marcin Dobas, or nature photographers like Stefan Forster or Radomir Jakubowski figure amongst the ColorEdge ambassadors. As an expert in colour correction and retouching, the Italian Masco Olivotto brings a lot of value to the further development of the EIZO ColorEdge monitors. People and portrait photographers like Alexander Heinrichs or Thibault Stipal know how important it is the be able to rely on colorproof EIZO ColorEdge monitors. And let's not forget the view inside the strange and fascinating world of under water photographer Alexander Semenov.

ColorEdge Ambassadors from Belgium

Since his early childhood, Christian Clauwers has traveled the world and has discovered the beauty but also the vulnerability of our planet. Through his photography he strives to share his experiences and emotions, showing his focus on sustainability.

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Every ambassador has a profile on the ColorEdge Ambassador website, mentioning his curriculum and a gallery of his work.

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Martin Stranka

Behind the Scenes: Circle of Life
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Erik Johansson

Visual Art Project
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