EIZO's DuraVision monitors include special models, which are perfectly suited to use on the ship's bridge or control console, even for 24/7 operation. They work without interruption and can display the contents of different applications, depending on their size and where they are used, saving you space and allowing you to benefit from maximum flexibility.

Excellent image quality

Excellent image quality

The DuraVision models owe their exceptional image quality to high-quality components and innovative production techniques. This means better visibility and longer shelf lives when used in extreme conditions so you can always rely on extremely exact images with accurate colours. Thanks to the use of innovative panel technology, the LCDs allow a clear view of the displays from every viewing angle. Their anti-reflection surface coating also significantly benefits the users' eyes.

Exceptional quality

Exceptional quality

The exceptional quality and suitability of EIZO DuraVision monitors for maritime use are certified by a number of obligatory certificates for the maritime sector. They are suitable for the temperature, moisture, and vibration conditions prevalent on ships in accordance with IEC 60945 and are also certified for ECDIS and radar use.

Only high quality can ensure the lowest error rates and maximum reliability. The result: Long service life and low total cost of ownership (TCO). EIZO DuraVision monitors are therefore frequently found in control consoles and on ships' bridges, where high reliability and long service lives take priority. Even if you pay a higher cost price, the investment and operating costs are still low, as the purchase cycle is significantly longer and fewer repairs and replacements are necessary.

Maximum reliability

Maximum reliability

In addition to the high demands placed on production and materials, EIZO places the emphasis on quality assurance in all areas. Even during the production of a monitor, checks and, where necessary, corrections are performed time and time again after individual assembly steps. Instead of random sample checks, each individual device is commissioned, calibrated, and gaged before delivery. Even during 24-hour use in control consoles and ships' bridges, DuraVision monitors always perform well and are exceptionally durable.

Perfect for use over several years

The particularly long availability and durability of EIZO DuraVision LCDs means they are predestined for use in the maritime sector. Rely on the absolutely seamless operation of your monitor – for two years and more!

EIZO monitors for shipping – the benefits at a glance:

  1. Specialised for use on a ship's bridge or in a control console
  2. Large brightness control ranges of less than 1 cd/sq m
  3. Suitable for 24/7 operation
  4. Certified for maritime use
  5. Long service life and low total cost of ownership
  6. High reliability and failure-safety
  7. Areas of application: Navigation (ECDIS, Radar), conning (guidance), monitoring & control (automation)
Customised solutions

Of course, we know that the requirements in the maritime sector vary greatly and are customizable. We will, therefore, be happy to offer customised special solutions, which are tailored perfectly to your ideas.

Customer-specific solutions

Monitors for the maritime sector

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»We consciously decided to opt for a product by EIZO. The DuraVision FDS1904T didn’t just impress us in terms of image quality [...].«

Platoon leader Ronny Mönck, Albert Wegener fireboat

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