Monitors for softproofing
Softproof monitor with FOGRA certification

At the end of a laborious design process, you are responsible for the print template becoming a perfect print result. Designers and clients already have quite a clear picture at this time of how the poster, flier, or catalogue should look.

In order for the monitor to serve as a reference for the digital print template, you need a monitor that accurately shows the colours in the final print. It should be able to deliver precise profiling and a wide gamut and reflect standards such as ISO Coated V2. The option to create softproofs will save you extra time and money.

What the printing sector needs:

  1. Wide gamut
  2. Absolute colour fidelity thanks to precise colour display
  3. High resolution and large screens
  4. Exact profiling
  5. Suitability for softproofing
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