EIZO monitors for virtual reality & simulation – the benefits at a glance:

  1. Perfect for design studios, design engineering offices, simulation systems, CAD/CAM development, virtual reality applications
  2. High 4K resolution
  3. Reliable colour rendering

Excellent image quality

High-resolution monitors for VR

To realize complex simulations and renderings with the finest of details and to map them exactly, the monitor rendering has to be exact and stable, as well as having a high resolution. For this reason, only the absolute top quality panels and well-engineered electronics are considered.

EIZO screens are particularly impressive due to their top-class LCD panels, which ensure extraordinary colour accuracy, high-contrast, and constant rendering in the editing process. Their high 4K resolution will support you in all your ultra-precise work down to the slightest detail. For applications that are particularly colour critical, EIZO ColorEdge displays rate highly in terms of colour fidelity and calibration.

More space at work

Monitors for simulation, from 27 inches

Regardless of whether you are working in construction technology or virtual reality applications, the monitor forms the centerpiece of your work and must be sufficiently large and have a suitably high resolution – ideally in 4K. EIZO models are available in various sizes and formats.


Failsafe monitors

The extraordinary durability and reliability of the EIZO LCDs is down to the top quality of the components and the strictest control procedures during production. And should it actually prove necessary, we will replace your monitor quickly and without fuss, as an on-site replacement service is already included in the unprecedented EIZO 5-year warranty.


Ergonomic monitors for VR and simulation

As you sit in front of your monitor for several hours a day, the monitor has to provide ergonomic functions to ensure that you can concentrate for long periods and your eyes remain healthy.

Thanks to their sophisticated features, EIZO monitors have an anti-reflection coating, non-flickering display, and automatically perfect screen brightness. And they are just three of the many innovative ergonomic functions that make your work especially comfortable. You can concentrate on your work on the monitor and your eyes remain healthy.

Customised solutions

We would be happy to offer you a solution tailored to meet your requirements exactly.

Customer-specific solutions

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