EIZO's HDR reference monitor, ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145, is the first monitor to overcome the severe drawbacks of other HDR technologies that are available in the market today so it can be used reliably for post production work.

Read more about HDR technology and the CG3145

Test the properties and parameters of your monitor quickly and easily with software developed in-house at EIZO.

More on the EIZO monitor test

If you’re considering purchasing a monitor, it’s always important to check which video inputs are supported. Let’s take a look at some of the current mainstream and soon-to-be mainstream interfaces that are available today.

Modern Video Inputs

We have tested the compatibility between MacBook Pro (Late 2016) Thunderbolt 3 and EIZO monitors.

Compatibility with Mac Thunderbolt 3

The ‘Creators Update’ for Windows 10 (version number 1703) includes a number of new and altered functionalities. This document provides you with information about a number of the changes to monitor settings and how to apply those settings.

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Let’s take a look at how we can use this multi-display tool on a Windows 10 notebook or desktop PC.

"Multi-display" function on Windows 10

Too soon or just the right time to make a purchase? Solve problems with your current monitor and break new ground. You can do all that with the 4K models from EIZO!

4K Monitors - solve the problems

Understanding pixel density: a key criterion in selecting displays in the 4K age.

Understanding pixel density

Grundlegende Kenntnisse zu Farbräumen und was man bei Auswahl und Gebrauch eines Monitors beachten muss.

Mehr zu Farbräumen bei LCD-Monitoren

In diesem Artikel konzentrieren wir uns auf die Farbtemperatur, ein Parameter von entscheidender Bedeutung bei der Anpassung der Bildwiedergabe.

Erklärung von "Farbtemperatur"

In this session, we'll discuss gamma, which has a significant impact on color reproduction on LCD monitors.

Learning about LCD monitor gamma and color reproduction

EIZO gives you an insight into monitor production.

EIZO production standards

Eine Methode, die für eine verbesserte Darstellung und Langlebigkeit der LCD-Monitore sorgt.

Optical Bonding Verfahren

Der Unterschied in der Bildqualität springt ins Auge - prüfen SIe die LCD-Anzeigequalität!

Qualitätsprüfung von LCD-Monitoren