Dr. László Tabár, MD, FACR (Hon.)
Dr. László Tabár vertraut auf RadiForce Monitore von EIZO

Dr. Tabár’s Impact

Dr. László Tabár is synonymous with innovation and mammography.  According to one of his peers, Dr. Michael N. Linver, “Dr. Tabár is a true genius who has changed the world, responsible for directly and indirectly saving hundreds of thousands of women's lives.  His impact on all of us in breast imaging around the world has been huge!”

Dr. Tabár comments, “This is the first generation of physicians that has got the opportunity of making a significant change in the life of a breast cancer patient.”

Making the Correct Diagnosis

Every day mammography radiologists are faced with the challenge of accurately communicating the nature of individual breast cancers with their medical colleagues.  Dr. Tabár articulated the desires of mammography radiologists,  “We want to see the details.  We want to arrive at the correct diagnosis.  We really want to describe the true extent of the disease for our peers, the surgeons, the oncologists, the pathologists. Now that’s why we’re always asking the industry – give us better image quality, increase the resolution, let us see more on the monitors.”

The Need for Both Color and Black and White

To detect the small structures in mammography, an image that accurately renders the finer details is essential.  Individual breast density has a direct correlation with the most relevant diagnostic modality and often requires a combination of mammography, ultrasound and MR. The challenge for radiologists is that mammography is black and white but MR and ultrasound are best viewed in colour. “I plan to use these wonderful monitors that are not just black and white, but show histology and the whole range of colour spectrum of histology. Then we understand the MR, we understand the mammogram and the ultra-sound much better,” said Dr. Tabár.

The One Screen Solution

In a diagnostic environment, radiologists have had to observe data displayed on multiple monitors in order to see all of the information. The EIZO multi-modality series effectively replaces a multi-monitor setup with a single high-resolution screen that displays all of the necessary images at once.  Dr. Tabár described the juxtaposition, "The difference is looking at one screen versus fragmented information. One screen for mammography, and another screen for MR, and a third for ultrasound, and a fourth one for histology – and poor radiologist is running around in the same room. Fragmented information means that your brain loses information when you go from one screen to another and to a third and fourth – and you're not going to be able to stitch the information together. One screen does."

Finding the Necessary Details

Dr. Tabár is impressed with EIZO’s RadiForce performance for multi-modality applications. "The images are so brilliant and it's not too much detail, but all of the details that are necessary for picking up the cancer and making a diagnosis.  I’m enormously thankful for EIZO for supporting the conferences. The tools that help us to train the colleagues are really helping us – no breakdowns and the picture is brilliant. It is very easy to use the EIZO.”

Making a Difference

EIZO’s multimodality mammography series monitors represent a paradigm shift eliminating the challenges in managing fragmented information. The EIZO solution will contribute to the way cancer is diagnosed, treated and monitored.

EIZO Multi-Modality Mammography Monitors​ -The One Screen Solution

Einsatzgebiet Medizin

Mit der RadiForce-Serie entwickelte EIZO medizinische Monitore, die sich exakt den diagnostischen Anforderungen anpassen und den Arzt bei der exakten Diagnostik unterstützen.

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Produktlinie RadiForce

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