The EIZO repair service for Belgium and Luxemburg is taken care of by Uniserv GmbH. The repair in warranty is performed onsite (for monitors with an onsite warranty), either through a single swap operation or through a dual swap (your original monitor is returned to you after repair).

The choice for either scenario depends on the age and type of your monitor. Please use this document to enter a defect. Do fill out all elements in the questionnaire so we can ensure a swift and efficient service.


When a defective unit is to be picked up for repair (free service), please follow the following instructions:

    Pack the monitor in its original EIZO box with all the necessary protection
    If you don’t have an original box anymore, a new one can be purchased (do ask for more information !)
    Leave accessories (cables...) out. We are not responsible for missing accessories
    You will receive a shipment label by email. Do stick it to the box.
    Be sure to follow all the instructions in the email
    There will be only ONE label sent to you. If you lose the mail, we kindly ask you to organize a renewal yourself.
    Make sure the equipment is ready on the date and place mentioned.
Example shipment label

Repairs will be carried out via our service partner EIZO Service Center, who is also responsible for the on-site exchange service.

Warranty repairs with on-site exchange service

Please call the Service Hotline on +32 (0)15 64 55 11. Our hotline is available on week-days from 9 AM until 5 PM.

Repairs out of warranty

These warranties are always possible but after cost estimation. You will receive precise instructions on how to proceed in such a case. Should you choose not to have your equipment repaired, then the estimate fee remains to be paid.