How can I see the image in portrait format when I rotate the monitor?

The screen is rotated 90° in portrait and pivot/portrait modes. This can be very helpful for image editing or text applications. You need to have a graphics board that supports 90° image rotation to be able to use this function. This is because the image does not automatically rotate along with the screen. The graphics board drivers of renowned graphics boards already include this function, which means that no additional software from EIZO or other third-party providers is required.

What is behind the 4K transmission methods SST (Single-Stream Transport) and MST (Multi-Stream Transport)?

MST transmits two halves of an image (right and left), each 2x2K at 30 or 60 Hz. This operating system looks at the halves of the image like separate screens as long as they are not connected to a screen by a driver or accessory software. This method is obsolete in modern 4K monitors because it can process the 4K image in full via display port 1.2. This method of transmission is called SST. In this case, the full image, i.e. the full 4K resolution, is transmitted to the monitor and displayed at 60 Hz.

Is there a software solution to control my EIZO?

Yes, you can use ScreenManager Pro software. With this, EIZO monitors can be controlled via the USB interface. For devices with a FineContrast function, the software allows you to automatically assign a FineContrast mode to different programs. The software is a Windows application.

What is ScreenManager Pro?

ScreenManager Pro is a software to control EIZO monitors via the USB interface. For devices with a FineContrast function, the software allows you to automatically assign a FineContrast mode to different programs. The software is a Windows application.

My 24" ColorEdge monitor is connected via HDMI, but the operating system only allows a resolution of 1920x1080 instead of 1920x1200. How do I get the full resolution?

Switch to the monitor's administrator menu. Select the signal selection option under optional settings and set the signal format to PC. Confirm the changes and the monitor will be restarted.

What does EcoView Index do?

EcoView Index appears on the screen at the press of a button. It shows how ecological the screen's current settings are. This makes it visible how energy-efficient and cost-effective the current brightness is.

I cannot see the recommended resolution. What might be the problem?

This may be a problem with the graphics card driver. Please install the latest driver for your graphics card and restart the PC with the monitor.
Older graphics cards may not be able to display this resolution. In this case, you will require a new graphics card with the matching output.

What are the benefits of the LED backlight?

Backlights with white LEDs have the same brightness as CCFL backlights yet consume half as much energy. That means extremely high energy efficiency and rapidly falling electricity costs. An added benefit: In contrast to fluorescent tubes, LEDs do not contain any toxic mercury, which is harmful to the environment.

Which graphics cards does EIZO recommend?

We cannot make a direct recommendation. The output signal should be digital and should support the maximum resolution of the monitor.

There may be pixel errors on LCD screens. How does EIZO deal with this?

Screens have millions of pixels, which each have a surface area of less than a hundredth of a square millimeter. These elements may have defects, which are expressed by them being constantly lit or unlit. Visibility is fundamentally dependent on the surrounding area. For example, lit elements are almost invisible in a bright environment. Each LCD screen is unique in terms of pixel errors.
To give you a clear statement about what frequency of pixel errors EIZO deems tolerable, EIZO screen models are tested according to internationally recognized standards. On average the actual levels are in fact far below the tolerances across all of the devices. LCD modules that do not meet these requirements are not used at EIZO. Depending on the model, EIZO monitors have a zero pixel error guarantee for completely illuminated sub-pixels (partial pixels ISO 9241-307). Valid: six months from the purchase date.

Older EIZO models

Information on older EIZO models is available on the EIZO Global website.

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