EV2455 at Netzfrequenz

.NFQ was in the market for monitors with even higher quality and greater ergonomics when it chanced upon EIZO. In mid-2015, .NFQ equipped each of its workstations at the entire company with two FlexScan EV2455 monitors from EIZO. The 24-inch monitor features a very narrow bezel, making it ideal for multi-monitor setups. It is used in every area of business at the company: creative (graphics and video), programming, and office management tasks.

When asked why .NFQ opted for EIZO’s monitor, Andreas Stegmann, managing director at .NFQ, replied: “The image quality, ergonomics, and connectivity options of the EV2455 just blew us away. Simply put, the competition cannot match the company in these aspects. What’s more, we were very satisfied with the one-on-one consultation, which even included a free demonstration by EIZO Sales. When you’re a SME, you really appreciate this kind of customer service.” And the employees were just as happy: “Our coworkers were extremely positive when referring to the new monitors. It only emphasizes the fact that the EIZO FlexScan EV2455 monitor is definitely worth the money,” says Andreas Stegmann.